Sarah jones shape 61

Label Illustration 2 - Nocturne

Sarah jones label 2 mostly done

Label 2 Illustration - Camille

Sarah jones shape 61 2

Color and Material Study Illustration - Camille

Sarah jones full label hookshot

Label Version 2 - Camille

Sarah jones full label duskbringer

Label Version 1 - Nocturne (Fire Skin)

League of Legends: Beer Bottles

A project I completed for an upper level course in advanced computer illustration techniques. The assignment deliverables were two to three full labels for any consumable substance contained in a bottle shaped container. such as beer, wine, moonshine, hot sauce, magic potions, and whiskey labels. I chose beer labels for my project, and decided to base my designs and illustrations around the League of Legends franchise and champions. These are the final pieces. I plan to revisit the illustrations soon, and make them into more detailed, individual pieces. Additionally, I will be creating a lava skin for Nocturne that explores the concept of his origins, and the possibility that he is from Motui, the Heart of Runeterra.